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Shield – Miraplate liquid car polish 5lt


• Easyglide Non-Streak Formula Provides A Dazzling Depth Of Colour And High Gloss Finish
• Protects Against Uv Rays
• Save For Use On All Paint Surfaces

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Miraplate is formulated using AO Wax, the latest in patented car wax technology. AO Wax produces an unrivalled deep shimmering gloss that lasts, leaving no white powdery residue on paintwork or black trim.
Miraplate with UV Plus and Rust Inhibitor, seals the surface with a protective durable wax layer, producing a mirror-like finish with a deep liquid shimmer.
Miraplate contains EasyglideTM for easy application and a non-streak, even finish. Miraplate is non-abrasive and suitable for clear coat & metal finishes.
Miraplate is ideally suited for use with Shield’s Orbital Polishing machine which is fast, extremely easy-to-use and produces an even, swirl-free finish.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 23.5 × 12.5 × 28 cm


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