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The Upside of Using Plastic Household and Pet Supplies

The use of plastic in the home has seemingly endless possibilities and benefits. Durable, versatile, and easily replaceable when the time comes, the plastic of today is nothing like the plastic of the past.

At Plastic and Glass Empire Online, we have one of the area’s biggest selections of high quality plastic products suitable for the home. Our products are manufactured from the best plastics, and we go out of our way to make sure that the items we stock in store are exactly the kind of supplies that our extensive client base is looking for. Much of our stock is imported from our global base of suppliers, giving us more reach when it comes to finding new products and improving on the old ones.

Household and Pet SuppliesHousehold and Pet Supplies

Why plastic?

After years of being told that plastic is not a suitable, or environmentally friendly, option for household and even pet supplies, it is not surprising that many have a negative perception of plastic and its use.

The truth is that plastic is a lot more suitable than you might think. It is far safer than the plastic once used to make supplies and it is also easier to recycle once the product comes to the end of its usable lifespan.

We do need plastics, but what we don’t need is plastic waste that doesn’t break down.

As the world becomes more aware of how inferior plastics are a growing hazard, people looking for ways to minimise their use of plastic rather than completely eliminate it.

Plastic in itself is an incredible product. When used as a container, it is able to seal so tightly that whatever is inside will be well protected from bacteria, air and moisture. When used to make a pet toy, it is so tough and durable that the even the most determined of bites won’t do devastating damage.

And finally, when compared to its counter parts, plastic is exceptionally lightweight, it is made to be thin but not breakable. The way in which most household plastics are made allows for lower emissions during production, which contributes to a greener, cleaner world, unlike glass and metals, which can take loads of energy to produce.

Household and Pet Supplies

How to incorporate plastic into your home

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably keen to learn more about how plastic can be used in your home. There are many ways that you can include more plastic in your home, and just a few examples include things like storage units, kitchen containers, buckets and even furniture.  The use of plastic items is both affordable and it gives you more options in terms of household supplies.

The uses and benefits of plastics include:

  • The cost-effective factor. Compared to other materials that might be used for a similar purpose, plastics are cheap in price but not cheap in quality.
  • The prevention of waste. When you use a plastic container the right way, you can be sure that the contents you store away won’t be damaged.
  • Using plastic containers to store things you’ll be selling can ensure that the products to be sold won’t lose their value. Whether it is household goods like books or other items, or if it is food stuffs, your plastic container will provide loads of protection.

When it comes to actually bringing plastic into your home, starting in the kitchen is always a good idea. In the home, it is the kitchen that will most benefit from various plastic products. Plastic containers, jugs, moulds, and packaging items, are all readily available and generally affordable. The options and the affordability of such products will allow you to quickly and easily give your kitchen an overhaul. You can replace damaged or outdated items and you can even introduce all sorts of new and helpful products into your busy kitchen space when you opt for plastic.

Next, you can look at your current storage options. Plastic storage containers come in a number of shapes and sizes, and they could be the perfect solution, should you be looking for a way to add extra storage when the space you have s rather limited. Such storage can be stacked or hidden beneath beds or tables, well out of the way and never looking unsightly.

Plastic can also be used in your home when it comes to pet supplies. Your precious animals can greatly benefit from having plastic toys, food and water bowls, and even walking leads. Such items, when made from plastic, will be non-toxic to your pets and the items will also be really easy to keep clean. And we don’t need to mention that since the plastic is so durable, it will stand even the harshest of beatings!

Household and Pet SuppliesHousehold and Pet SuppliesHousehold and Pet Supplies

Quick Tips for Recycling Household Plastics

Household plastics and pet supplies sadly do have an end of life. Although it can take many, many years for plastic to end up breaking down to the point that you need to toss the item, there are other times when your plastic items need to be recycled. When, for instance, your plastic is somehow damaged (or chewed through!) there is no point in keeping the item when you can so easily replace it.

At Plastic and Glass Empire Online, we supply the kind of plastics that are fully recyclable and when the time comes, you should take whatever it is that you want to recycle to a local company that offers such a service. These people will know how to safely and correctly recycle this particular kind of plastic, which can be made of something different to say a plastic yoghurt container.

If you have the services of a recycling company, you should be able to put these plastics in with the other plastics that you have set aside for disposal, allowing them to decide on the best way to get rid of it.

At Plastic and Glass Empire Online, Nelspruit’s best known and plastic supply company, we have everything you could possibly want when it comes to superb products for your home. You can either pay us a visit at our Riverside based warehouse, where you can get a real feel for our goods, or you can quickly and easily shop online using our safe and convenient web store.